We've all been in the situation where you just really want to defecate but the minute your ass hits the toilet seat, and, say this the Russell Peters way, "nothing is coming".

You'll then seek laxatives for relief, or eat whatever food you think will help lubricate your bowels. But soon, all you might need is a tiny, swallowable engine to whip your colon back into shape.

Researchers at the Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, headed by gastroenterologist Yishai Ron, found that setting this little capsule to start vibrating six to eight hours after consumption nearly doubled the weekly bowel movements participants, who suffered from chronic constipation - just from taking the pill twice a week.

How is this different from laxatives? This pill lacks the side effects. For example, laxatives come with a host of side effects, but this capsule's vibrations cause the intestines to contract, which helps send your stool out of your body. So no real stomach pains, and no diarrhea.