Physically active individuals often have to deal with their share of injuries. If you are someone who has an aching back, muscle pain, or a sore knee often, you want to get rid of the pain and resume normal life as soon as possible. All injuries do not require a visit to the hospital nor does it need extensive medication. Here are a few effective natural remedies that you can use. 

1. Rest

Rest is extremely important for your body to recover. Whenever there is an injury, the body will require rest to self-repair. You need to give enough sleep and rest to the body for the injured part to be repaired. When you are asleep, the body creates a growth hormone which is an important component of healing and recovery of the muscles. You need to practice good hygiene and set an alarm for your bedtime which will work as a reminder that you need to stay away from all screens and wind down. Never overexert the injured body part for a couple of days after the injury and give enough time for the body to do the healing work. Unless it is a major injury, the body part will heal itself with time and rest. 

2. Compresses

There is confusion about using a hot compress or a cold compress for injuries. Howev-er, the fact is that both hold and cold compresses will serve the same purpose. They will alter the flow of blood to the body part where it is applied. If you have sore knees, back, or hips, it is recommended to alternate between hot and cold. Start with 10 minutes of hot compress and follow it by about 5 minutes of cold. You need to do this two to three times for results. If you are working on a larger area of the body as the lower back, it is possible to have the same effect with a cold and hot alternating show-er. In the case of sudden injuries like a sprain, you need to use only ice or cold com-presses all through the day. 

3. Epsom salt baths

A common form of magnesium preparation, Epsom salt helps calm muscle spasms. Although the absorption of magnesium from your skin will not be as effective as inter-nal supplementation, soaking in a warm tub with two cups of Epsom salt will help re-lease the tightness in your muscles. According to the

According to County Line Chiropractic, an accident rehab center in Lauderhill, this remedy is suitable for adults and kids. County Line Chiropractic considers it an excel-lent remedy when a large part of the body is injured like the thighs or lower back. Soaking for 20 minutes will relax the mind and muscles. You also need to drink a lot of water during the bath since you will not notice that you are sweating. Remember that dehydration could worsen the spasms. 

4. Protein

An important building block for muscle repair, protein should never be ignored. You need to make sure that you get the necessary source of protein from your meal. The body requires 0.8 grams of protein for every one kilogram of your weight. Probiotics can help improve your overall health and wellbeing. Hence, you need to remember that if you are an active individual and enjoy physical training, the protein and nutri-ents requirement will be higher.

5. Fats

Fats and good oils are building blocks when it comes to healing the body. You need an-ti-inflammatory fats including omega-3 fatty acids to restore function and help heal tissues in your body. If your meal includes fish, flax oil, flaxseeds, and other seeds and nuts, you get enough amount of fats in your body. Alternatively, you can choose to take omega-3 or fish oil supplements to help your body in case of an injury. 

6. Supplements and herbs

Your body requires a certain amount of nutrients and minerals. However, it does not get all of it from the food you consume and this is why you might have to take sup-plements. You can consult a professional before you start taking any supplements. You can also use herbs like turmeric that is normally found in the kitchen. It can be a perfect tool to reduce pain and inflammation in the body. Boswellia is also an in-flammatory herb that is ideal for joints. Castor oil is applied to the skin during a mas-sage and it can help reduce inflammation and pain. Arnica is another herb that has an-ti-inflammatory properties and it is used for relief from pain. It is best used following an injury which involves aching or bruising. 

These are a few tried and tested remedies for injuries. If the injury persists and if you notice any allergy or reaction after using one of these remedies, you need to consult a doctor.