You all must be aware of your oral health and must have heard that it is advisable to brush twice a day, floss, use mouthwash, and a lot more for that matter. But, have you heard of what food to avoid to maintain a great oral hygiene level?

The measures that you take in your daily routine to protect your dental health, also include knowing what kind of foods to avoid because the foods that you eat play a vital role in your dental health.
But which foods are bad for our teeth and should be avoided?

Citrus Fruits Like Lime, Lemons, Oranges, And Grapefruit

You all know that citrus contains citric acid and this causes enamel erosion. Eventually, your teeth will weaken causing cavities to form. It is undoubtedly true that they also contain vitamin C which is great for our health, skin and well being.

These foods especially have an effect on your teeth even if you brush and floss. So, it is necessary that you take care of what you eat in your meals or snacks.

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Pickles are made by pickling vegetables in vinegar and sugar. This is one of the most harmful combinations for your dental health. Pickles contain the highly acidic vinegar and sugar both of which are ultimately harmful to your teeth.

They taste good when eaten on a sandwich, but they eventually cause enamel erosion.


If you are a coffee drinker, unfortunately, your oral health is bound to be at risk. Coffee contains tannic acid which is responsible for wearing down your teeth enamel. It will also stain your teeth brown which is again not a good sign of a good dental health. Gradually, your teeth will have those yellow and brown stains which will ultimately, spoil your smile.

Red Wine

It is correct that the studies show that a glass of wine once in awhile is good for the heart health and cholesterol levels. But, if you are a regular red wine drinker, then surely, you are going to face problems with your teeth.
Red wine causes stains on your teeth and will eventually, cause enamel erosion.


Tomatoes are great for your health all year long, but unfortunately, they are not good for your dental health. They contain acids which are harmful to your teeth. Both in raw and sauce form, they cause damage to your teeth.

Naturally, they are beneficial for your health, but, not for your oral/dental health.

Sugary Food Like Candies

Your mother probably always prevented you from binging on those tempting candies on the Halloween party. This has a strong reason behind it, and your mum was right as she protected your teeth from getting decayed. Sugary and sticky foods are harmful to your dental health. So, better avoid having these foods if you want to keep your smile healthy and happy.

In the points mentioned above, we have discussed the foods that are not good for your dental health. This doesn’t mean that you have to avoid them entirely. It just means you need to make sure that you don’t eat them each and everyday.