Albertsons Companies, a leading food and drug retailer in the United States, announced its partnership with Phosphorus Diagnostics to start offering at-home COVID-19 test kits in selected markets and expects to expand its reach in September and October. They operate stores across 34 states and the District of Colombia and are committed to helping people across the country.

Phosphorus’s home-based saliva test kit for COVID-19 is available online. Alongside the tests, the Citizen app helps patients follow up on symptoms, find testing sites, and learn how likely it is that they are at risk for the virus. The app includes the SafePass feature and is available to both iOS and Android users.

A Bluetooth device can be used to assist SafePass in monitoring positive COVID-19 exposures by giving the time and place of contact. Individuals exposed to the virus in the last three months will receive free testing from Phosphorus Genomics. The Citizen app also destroys personal information after 30 days to avoid leakage of personal information and protect your security.

The saliva collection method is simpler than the commonly-used swab method. This ease of use has helped in the curbing and tracking of the COVID-19 virus. With a 72-hour response time from the sample’s delivery to the lab, Albertsons Cos. has seen wide acceptance from patients in Huston, Austin, and Boise markets. Phosphorus uses measures that bring out reliable and correct results. The test kits can be accessed online by the general public and healthcare partners.

Dan Salemi, GVP of Albertsons Cos.’s pharmacy, stated that patients are taking advantage of the convenience and innovation to test themselves. He added that the kit was easy and comfortable to use.

Phosphorus CEO and co-founder Alex Bisignano was delighted to partner with Albertsons Cos. to combat the spread of the virus.

By October, Albertsons Cos. was required to show all the market areas it will serve. The test received Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA to test for COVID-19. 

Patients can obtain the test from home by answering a short questionnaire at, which will then be reviewed by Albertsons Cos. The kits are delivered and picked up from the client’s location. Symptomatic patients are required to send someone else to pick up their kit or to request delivery of their results.

The patients send their saliva sample to the lab the next day, and their results, available within 72 hours, are delivered by email or text. The patients pay out of pocket because the test is not yet covered by insurance providers. Albertsons Cos. offer assistance in case of questions from patients after receiving their results.

About Phosphorus

Phosphorus is a leading genomics company located in New York City, with a laboratory in Secaucus, New Jersey. The Phosphorus laboratory has acquired licensing in all 50 states and is CLIA and CAP-certified. Their mission is to enhance human health using the human genome. The company has recently shifted its primary operations to solving the COVID-19 health crisis.

They offer cost-friendly, high-quality genetic tests. In this way, Phosphorus is improving access to genomics. They provide panel-based and comprehensive genetic testing. Their specialties include lipidology, cardiology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, fertility, and neurology. Their PhosphorusONE health screen proactively examines your overall health. Their software platform has enhanced the ease of transportation of genetic tests by lab technicians.