Most people look forward to getting home each evening in order to unwind and relax. Nobody wants to worry about the laundry waiting for them, or dishes in a sink, but unfortunately, chores are often waiting at home and can create unnecessary stress- especially after a long day of work.

It isn’t a crime to leave a few chores incomplete, although it is often best to provide some stress-reducing additions to your decor to help you refocus and better enjoy your home environment. Make relaxation a priority as part of your day to day health through the addition of various decorative changes to your living spaces. 

Why Stress Reduction is Important

Reducing stress should be a priority in your life, but it often takes a backseat to day-to-day responsibilities. However, the pressure of stress creates hormones and can raise both the heart rate and blood pressure to an unhealthy degree. 

Despite it being a natural process, too much stress, or stress that creates anxiety and depression-like feelings can lead to long term physical and mental problems. Over time this can make you more susceptible to illnesses that can be difficult to recover from. It also can disrupt your focus, and make you less productive in your job, or make it harder to deal with difficult decisions and social situations. 

Taking various steps to reduce stress is important to your overall well-being, and your environment can be highly influential to this process. 

Color and Lighting Changes

The color of your walls can be highly influential to your overall mood. Stick to colors such as lighter blues, greens, and foggy grays. You can also use muted browns, beiges, warm pinks, or warm light yellows to help influence a more positive mood. 

These colors should work with your lighting options that should provide you dimmable controls. Overhead lights can be bright and harsh, but if you install those that can be dimmed to provide a gentle glow, you can create a calming feeling. Also, look to add warm, gentle lighting to tables and dark corners.

Provide natural lighting whenever possible as well, since sunlight provides a healthy glow and vitamin D. Other options include interesting lighting choices such as led aquarium lighting that can provide gentle movement and interest as well as influence relaxation along with the gentle swimming of your fish. 

Furniture Options

Although many people purchase furniture based on its decorative effects, choose a few pieces that are designed specifically for comfort. Oversized pieces, as well as those that are made from comforting materials are more welcoming and provide a place to unwind. Use plenty of soft throw pillows and blankets to help create a cozy feel, and allow you to wrap yourself up on chilly days for further creature comforts. 

Household Plants

Add something living to your decor, preferably plants that both clean and oxygenate the air, and provide ambiance. Many household plants are simple to care for and add a sense of tranquility to your space. Plus, caring for them is very therapeutic. Choose plants such as snake plants, aloe, spider plants, and pathos for texture and color. 

Removal of Electronics

Nobody is saying to toss your television screen, but when you have screens in view, many people have a tendency to gravitate towards them. Screen time often surrounds the checking of social media, emails, and puts you back in “mind of work”, is mentally stimulating, overwhelming, and occasionally disturbing. Keep your television to a family room that inspires gathering, computers to offices, and phones or tablets out of view when trying to relax. 

This is especially important for children as studies show increased screen time can create anxiety and increases in depressive states. It goes without saying this can also influence adults as well. 

Addition of Comfort Items

You can also apply various other comfort ideas and tips to your decor. Music can be incredibly soothing, and although everyone has their own tastes, try playing instrumental scores in the background. Ut always feel free to play your favorites, especially if they are inspiring and get you moving during those times you are cleaning or otherwise tidying up. 

Even though the idea of cleaning may be stressful, a cluttered space can also inspire stress. When dealing with cleaning and chores, take one area or task at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. 

Also, add clean, uplifting scents via candles or diffusers to your spaces. Use essential oils such as lavender, vanilla, and other warm spices for a calming sensation. 


Make your home more relaxing and comforting to reduce stress. The above-mentioned suggestions are the perfect addition to your special needs and are all influential on the enjoyment of your home. Whether you choose to apply any of these tips, or all of them, you are sure to find they influence a healthier atmosphere.