The best masticating juicer is quite desirable to make flavor-packed and easily extracted fruit drinks. The delicious taste will be profoundly relishing. Have you ever dream of having the best fruit extraction system with easy accessibility? Then the masticating juicer will be the right choice.

Points to Consider before buying one
Before buying a masticating juicer, you have to look for specific features.

The juicers come in different sizes, colors, and designs. The compact versions are ideal for people who have limited space in the kitchen. Though the cold-pressed versions produce a lot of pulp for retaining the essential nutrients, yet they also enhance the taste of the juice. 

Noise level 
The centrifugal juicers are louder when compared to the cold-pressed juices. The latter can perform better in terms of juicing without disturbing the environment.

Motor power 
For buying a juicer, you must consider the kind of juice you want to produce. If you are planning to use the leafy vegetables, it's better to have a powerful juicer. It must have around 400watts of power to effectively juice the vegetables.

Too much high speed increases the temperature resulting in poor nutritional values. So it's better to look for a model that will maintain the pace to an optimal level. 

Size of the feeder tubes 
Cutting the vegetables or fruits and then fitting them into the feeder tube is time-consuming. So, if you want to reduce the amount of time for preparation, it is better to choose a juicer that has a wide area for the feeding tube. 

The amount of heat produced.
Heat production by the juicer is a frustrating thing. The juicer set operates at high speed. They tend to produce more heat when compared to the ones that run at low speed. So, it's better to look for medium speed juices that will retain the vegetable and fruit nutrients.  

Components and cleaning time 
Look for a juicer that makes it easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean. So, it is better to look for a larger feeding tube so that we prevent clogging of the products. 

Benefits of Cold Press Juicer
The best cold press juicer has plenty of advantages when compared to other versions.

You can apply gentle pressure, squeeze the ingredients, and extract the excellent mix of juice and pulp.
They do not produce heat that helps to maintain the nutritional benefits of the ingredients.
They are efficient in processing green leafy vegetables.
Long-lasting freshness is an added benefit. It can maintain the freshness of the ingredient up to 21 days when it is kept in the refrigerator.
There are no problems with oxidation. It results in minimum exposure to air, guaranteeing the preservation of the nutrients.
The natural sugar, vitamins, minerals, and other elements get extracted gently.

There are numerous products available on the online websites that will come with plenty of features and serve you the best. So, look for high-end features and buy your favorite one.