It seems quite sketchy as soon as you hear the name Marijuana, while you consider to avoid whatever it entails. However, its usage is considerate while being prescribed by a physician while not falling under illegal and hazardous consumption. This article will cover 5 medical benefits of marijuana that makes it quite useful for ill people. Still marijuana stocks watch is necessary for good health.

1. For Cancer

You must have heard that people who have cancer often use marijuana. Well, this is not a myth and doctors themselves recommend it to their patients. It is researched and proved that marijuana stood the spread of a genes called Id-1 which is responsible for boosting cancer cells. Owing to this reason, cancer patients are advised to use marijuana in calculated and safe amounts. It is even said that the usage of this drug can alleviate a great amount of pain which is experienced through chemo therapy or hardcore medicine. So, having marijuana is not as harmful for cancer patients.


2. Prevent Alzheimer’s 

Let’s talk about some medicine background to have a better understanding of how marijuana works. In our brains, there are a certain kind of cells present that cause the onset of Alzheimer’s. These cells are caused amyloid plaque cells. A certain enzyme is responsible for the formation of these amyloid plaque cells. This is where the role of marijuana comes in. It actively makes sure that this enzyme is not made so the plaque cells do not form and cause the disease. Alzheimer’s is quite a tragic condition. Losing control of your mind and forgetting everything you have ever learnt is an ordeal to tolerate. Marijuana can help you avoid it. Consultant your physician for a prescription.

3. Muscular Spasms

Another problem that is a pain management for the patients is that of muscular spasms. These are characterized as the loss of nerve control over your muscles and involuntary movements of muscles create more difficulty. This condition is considerably painful and becomes unbearable to live with. Marijuana as a medical drug can help in treating these spasms. Moreover, Multiple Sclerosis is another such kind of condition where you lose motor control of your nerves. Medical marijuana is known to help in easing its symptoms as well. Also, diaphragm muscle spasms are quite difficult to get rid of from regular medicine. Marijuana is seen to help in that as well. 

4. Possible Treatment of Epilepsy

It is reported by multiple people that marijuana was seen to help them with epileptic fits. Epilepsy often begins from the childhood of people suffering from it and can last till their whole lifetime. This creates problems for them and takes a toll on their health if it is recurrent and frequent. Marijuana is seen to lower the possibility of their fits and stops the ongoing ones as well. There is still some research that needs to be done on this but the people directly have reported its benefits for this.

5. For Anxiety

Anxiety is a growing problem for people all over the world. It was researched that on study participants it had an effect of relaxing them. However, there was a twist. In more amounts, it augmented their anxiety. So, it is established that marijuana is responsible for causing relaxation in certain little doses.

To conclude, marijuana is beneficial medically but it must be made sure that a doctor is consulted before any intake and the dose is recommended by him only. Otherwise, several other problems may arise. 
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