Any pain that lasts for more than three months without responding to any treatment can be termed as chronic pain. This happens when your body fails to stop sending pain messages to your brain, despite the source of the original pain being gone. 

Chronic pain is a very common symptom of arthritis and can also be linked with injuries and sprains. Although there are a lot of medications and Kratom Capsules, there are also certain holistic and natural methods that can help you quell the pain. Here are a few ways to treat chronic pain naturally:


Exercising regularly can keep away a lot of pain conditions. As you work out your body starts producing painkillers in the form of endorphins and hormones that automatically extend your pain threshold. Start with an easy activity like walking to build up some stamina. 

Fish Oil

Taking about 1200 mg of fish oil supplements daily can help with chronic pain relief. The anti-inflammatory properties in supplements containing Decosahexanoic and Eicosapentaenoic acid can even wean you off your prescription painkillers. However, you may have to take them for about 75 days continuously.


Turmeric, in combination with bromelain and Devil’s claw can work wonders on patients with osteoarthritis. The anti-inflammatory properties in this root can provide you a lot of relief from chronic pain.


Found commonly in berries, grapes, and red wine, resveratrol provides a lot of brain protective, anti-cancer, and also life-extending benefits. It can also help in pain regulation at cellular level.

Heat Therapy

Heat and cold therapy are few more ways to quell pain. While hot Epsom salt baths change nervous inputs and relax your mind, ice packs can be useful in decreasing inflammation. Nevertheless, you need to know which one to use when.

For instance, ice packs may work better if you have an acute injury like a twisted ankle that might be swollen and painful.  Using heat here might actually increase the swelling by increasing blood flow. However, heat might be the best way to get relief from lingering back spasms. You can take a warm shower and give your back a light massage under the warm water.


One of the oldest Chinese practices to relieve pain, acupuncture is the ideal way to balance the natural energy pathways of your body. This is done by placing thin, tiny needles into your skin. The needles are placed at the source of the pain. This releases a hormone called serotonin that eases pain. Many have found relief with migraines and osteoarthritis by trying acupuncture.


Another way to quell pain is through meditation. In fact meditation also reduces the stress that is associated with your chronic pain. Take a few deep breaths and try some mindfulness-based practices to gain relief from chronic pain. Remove negativities and adopt positive thinking. Accept your deepest emotions and let them go, improving your mental health in the meanwhile. 

You can find many more such ways to achieve relief from chronic pain. You can try a couple of these until you find out the best way to tackle your chronic pain. At the end if nothing works there is always the option of consulting an orthopedic.