We are all on the search for natural remedies to help us live a better life.

That is why anti inflammatory supplements have become so popular. They have helped us find a natural solution to minimizing pain in our body and prevent risks that are often associated with inflammation.

We deal with inflammation pretty much every day. In fact, our immune system gets inflamed on a regular basis as it constantly fights off any health threats that we come into contact with. It is also what happens when we get injured—our injured area on the body flares up and becomes swollen. This type of inflammation is okay, but we don’t want it to stick around forever!

In short, inflammation is caused by our brains telling our body we need to address a certain issues, and white blood cells are directed to that specific area. It is from this reaction that we are able to fix certain problems before they get worse.

When the inflammation becomes more of a chronic issue, we are at a higher risk of more health problems! Things like Crohn’s disease and asthma cause our body to suffer from constant inflammation that make life a very painful and uncomfortable experience. This is because our body is overloaded with triggers that we need to fix a problem but there is actually no cure for that problem.

This is where anti inflammatory supplements come into play. By using natural supplements, we are able to naturally help our body heal and deal with pain. So what are the best natural supplements we should be used for anti inflammatory use?

1. Curcumin

Coming from turmeric, curcumin is able to help with chronic pain and inflammation—like the one that many people from arthritis experience. This plant has properties that allow our body to not feel as stiff or become as swollen from other health issues. It is certainly a natural health supplement to consider if you suffer from chronic pain!

2. Resveratrol

This natural remedy can really kick out any risk of inflammation! Thanks to the antioxidants found in this natural supplement that comes from berries and grapes, our body is able to improve upon our heart’s health and slow any swelling that is taking place where chronic pain occurs. Plus, there are extra benefits like helping us lower our blood pressure! Why wouldn’t you consider trying this one out?

3. Omega 3

One of the parts of our body that we do not want inflamed long term is our brain! When our brain is inflamed for too long, we risk memory loss and brain diseases from taking over. Omega 3 has fatty acids that kick inflammation to the curb and instead replace it with brain-enhancing nutrients so our brain can function even better! The best kind of solution to a problem is by eliminating the problem and actually replacing it with a solution—Omega 3 does just that!

4. Phycocyanin

This natural biliprotien comes with a range of antioxidants most commonly found in things like spirulina. Especially for elderly who deal with inflammation issues, phycocyanin is able to send large amounts of minerals and antioxidants to your body to really conquer any inflammation issues! This stuff is easy to simply top on a smoothie or cereal, or consume as a supplement. But if you want to avoid chronic pain and inflammation, this is a great natural solution.

5. Tumeric and Ginger

These two natural herbs are rockstars at helping our joints not get inflamed and in immense pain! This is because the compounds found within both are just what our joints are craving and can easily eliminate any discomfort. Plus, these two herbs are also able to calm our stomachs down and protect our bowels from getting inflamed as well. There are so many benefits to including turmeric and ginger into your daily routine—why wouldn’t you try them out if you suffer from inflammation?

6. Probiotics

Seriously, probiotics are amazing a healthy form of bacteria that our bodies are begging for more of! Not only do they keep our digestive system unclogged, but they are able to cope with any disorders that might cause our body to flare up—from arthritis to a bowel disorder. Probiotics are a sure way to make sure nothing gets clogged up in your system—an issue that often causes inflammation to occur.

There are so many natural anti inflammatory supplements for you to consider taking! Each offers additional benefits to your health and wellbeing, but all are proven to be up to combatting inflammation and protecting your body from developing any irreversible diseases or health complications! Something as simple as adding a natural anti inflammatory supplement into our daily routine, in addition to making healthy life choices, can really help improve our lives and ensure we live it pain free! Talking to a health expert can allow you to further discover which supplements are right or you!