One in three American adults is overweight as stated by the Centre for disease control and Prevention (CDC). Obesity is the major course of some diseases like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and cancer. Being morbidly obese may come with great consequences like immobility thereby affecting the quality of life and also taking a toll on an individual's mental health. Morbidly obese people usually find it difficult to lose weight via conventional methods like exercising and dietary control.

For people like this, surgery and other procedures are usually the way out. Bariatric surgeries are popular solutions to the problem of obesity. Although the results are quick, the safety of Bariatric procedures is of great concern. A safer and more viable alternative to weight loss surgery is the gastric balloon system.

Understanding Bariatric Surgery

Medically, a person is said to be obese when their body mass index BMI exceeds 30. People whose BMI are above 40 are said to be severely or morbidly obese. Bariatric surgery is carried out on obese individuals to reduce the amount of food they consume by physically cutting off or stapling a portion of the stomach. There have been many Bariatric weight loss stories that didn't end well due to complications.

Researches have shown that Bariatric surgery may put an individual at risk of some health complications. Some side effects of bariatric surgery may include blood clot, hernia, gastrointestinal obstruction and excessive bleeding for sleeve gastrectomy, deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals for Gastric Bypass, and complications arising from overeating for Gastric banding. The risks may even lead to fatalities. Also, not everyone qualifies for these surgeries but what about the alternative endoscopic procedures ?

Are Endoscopic Procedures Safer?

Endoscopic processes are great options if individuals are looking for a non-surgical alternative to help them lose weight. Endoscopy weight loss procedures are a restrictive process where a doctor inserts a device (usually a silicone balloon) into the stomach to control food consumption. The balloon controls appetite by reducing the size of the stomach that allows food intake. The balloon is inserted through the mouth and does not require opening up the body in any way.

Compared to bariatric surgeries, endoscopic processes are almost painless; they leave the body without scars and are relatively safer. The procedure is simple, requires little time, is cost-effective and the time taken to recover is short. The risk of developing a complication here is incredibly low and almost anyone who is overweight qualifies.

Understanding the Gastric Balloon Procedure

Gastric balloons help lose weight optimally within a short period. Various researches have shown that these balloons are as efficient as Bariatric procedures but not as dangerous to the health. The gastric balloon endoscopy has a high success rate, is safe, and has zero mortality cases.

Gastric Balloon is a popular endoscopic process where an inflatable balloon is placed in the stomach to reduce food consumption. However, the biggest challenge the system faces are balloon efficiency and intolerance. Usually, silicone balloons do not last beyond four months inside the stomach. Also, some people might be unable to tolerate the balloon in their stomach due to size discomfort. Thanks to Spatz Medical, tolerable adjustable gastric balloons that last long were developed.

Adjustable Gastric Balloons (Spatz3)

Advancement in technology has brought the solution to the challenges of balloon efficiency and intolerance. Spatz3 developed by Spartz Medical US is the only adjustable balloon in the world and it is the solution to the common concerns attached to using gastric balloons.

This device is also a perfect tool for weight regulation as it can be inflated (Volume-Adjust up) if the individual is regaining weight and can also be deflated (Volume-Adjust down) if weight loss is too rapid. The adjustable gastric balloon Spatz3 was efficiently developed to combat the problem of balloon intolerance and has shown the best results for sustainable weight loss. Results from clinical trials led by Spatz Medical U.S have shown that Spatz3 records the most elevated achievement pace of all gastric balloon systems at this time.


Gastric balloon insertion is a safer and less invasive alternative to bariatric surgery. The Spartz3 adjustable gastric balloons have brought not only the much-needed weight loss solution but convenience and safety. You can see more about the Spatz3 on the Spatz Medical official website.