If you're keen on keeping your weight in check, then you might want to consider adding the following ingredients to your daily meals:

Rice Protein

This vegetarian protein powder is derived from brown rice. Works great as an alternative to whey and casein proteins. But unlike other animal-derived powders, these don’t contain common allergens like lactose.

Potato Protein Extract

According to diet pill company Slendesta, this “potato proteinase inhibitor II” helps in releasing CCK, a satiety hormone to help keep those hunger pangs at bay. One Japanese rat study found the potato extract to be more effective than casein and soybean protein.


This valuable Asian spice is derived from the saffron crocus flavor, and is renowned for its yellowish hue and honey-like taste. One French study published in 2010 found that overweight women who took a saffron extract known as Satiereal snacked less frequently, felt more satisfied, and lost a small amount of weight.