Imagine wolfing down 10 bananas, six mangoes, two pineapples, or half a watermelon, all in a single sitting?  That's considered a daily meal for followers of the 80:10:10 diet.

This vegan eating plan promotes followers to ingest 80 percent of the calories from carbs sourced from fruit and veggies; 10 percent from healthy fats; and the rest come from protein.
According to USDA recommendations, you should fill half of your plate with fruit and veggies, which amounts to WAY less than 80 percent of your daily calories (and less than half, too, since produce isn’t as calorie-dense as other food groups).
One advocate of the diet  claims she picked it up after a bout of skin infections, hair loss, acne, low energy, irregular periods, weight gain, and other health issues led her to take a second look at what she ate. Despite being pregnant, she says she intends to stick with it until she gives birth..

Some experts consider the 80:10:10 diet a bit extreme, mainly because humans need more than 10 percent of their calories from fat and protein to feel satisfied and get the nutrients they need.

Protein is needed to build and repair cells and muscles, as well as to produce the brain chemicals that make you feel happy, focused, and energized.  Without it, you’ll miss out on zinc, iron, and B-12—essential nutrients that help to fend off fatigue.