This discovery was made by team of researchers from Oregon Health & Science University. The study involved training twelve rhesus macaques (who have very similar immune system to our own) to drink a 4 percent ethanol cocktail.

The monkeys were vaccinated against small pox and split two groups. One group was given access to the cocktails and while the other was given sugar water. Some of the monkeys got drunk all day, consistently displaying BACs higher than 0.08, while others chose to drink moderately, resulting in BAC levels between 0.02 and 0.04.

After seven months, the monkeys received a second booster shot. The heavy-drinking monkeys failed to produce the antibodies that the body usually makes in response to vaccination, while the moderately drinking monkeys experienced an increase in immune response, responding even better than the non-drinking control group.

So now that science has proven that moderate drinking may improve your immune system, maybe it's time to ask you boss to spring for a open bar at the office.

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