There's nothing worse than running in a race only to be suddenly struck by that painful stabbing pain on your side. But the truth is that these "side stitches" are quite a common ailment while running. However, there is a neat little trick that you can use to avoid feeling like someone just stabbed the side of your rib.

In his book The Lore Of Running, Dr. Tim Noakes recommends changing your running gait by focusing on always breathing in and out when you land on your left foot:
Change your gait such that you are beginning inhalation and exhalation as your left foot strikes the ground. Many runners begin and end their breathing cycle on the same foot, such that runners may be described as right-footed or left-footed with regards to breathing. Practising this altered gait may decrease the frequency that the liver, the heaviest abdominal organ, is displaced downwards while the diaphragm is in its highest position.
Sure it sounds almost too simple of a solution, but it's still better than nothing.