Hot yoga is more than just about sweating away the calories in a heated room. The conditions can help provide a deeper stretch and flush out toxins.

Below are some other benefits that could make a big impact on your overall health. Important : Always check with your doctor before participating in hot yoga, as the harsh conditions of the class may not be suitable for people with dehydration and intolerance with heat issues.

It's Great Cardio

You can burn up to 1000 calories per hot yoga session. Positioning your body in 26 postures in that extreme heat has about the same effect as running a mile, and it'll also boost your metabolism to keep your body burning calories even after your routine is over.

Detoxes The Skin

Sweat is important as it helps the body get rid of toxins that have built up in your pores, preventing it from getting infection and rashes.

Gets Rid of Arthritis

It’s not uncommon for people who suffer from arthritis to experience relief from it after 2 or 3 sessions of hot yoga. But don't expect it to be a permanent cure either, which means you'll have to keep coming back.

Great for Diabetics

There's a great book called “Diabetic Always, Insulin No More”, which is based on the story of a student who overcame obesity, back pain and diabetes by putting a lot of dedication in hot yoga.

Reduces Depression

Just one session of hot yoga can change your state of mind in order to get you through those low periods in your life. Plus, it's hard to dwell on your sorrows when you're busy focusing on not falling flat on your face.

Slows Down Aging

People who have been practicing yoga seriously for years have a certain glow to them. Consider it as a natural anti-aging medicine to keep you feeling flexible and healthy.

Regulates The Thyroid

A lot of the postures that you perform in hot yoga focus on working your thyroids.

Lowers Stress

Hot yoga contains two breathing exercises - Ujjayi Pranayama and Kapalabhati. Both are great in helping to calm and clear your state of mind.

Balances Your Emotions

Hot yoga (or yoga in general) helps you become more aware of the self and what’s going on around you, which in turn helps to improve decision making and lead an overall better life.

Heals You

Hot yoga was invented for therapeutic purposes. If you practice it on a regular basis, you will notice body pains are slowly fading away, particularly back pain.