Was your new year resolution to drop a few pounds so that you can feel better about yourself? Many people set goals towards their health that include weight loss, and although the journey towards a better you can be difficult, it can be incredibly rewarding. 

If you want to lose weight but don't know how you should keep reading for our guide on how to slim down so that you can work towards the revenge body you've always dreamed of. 

1. Cut the Carbs 

Diet and exercise are both so important in slimming down. A great way to change your diet so that you see weight loss results fast is by cutting down on your carb intake.

Sugars and starch come from foods such as bread and noodles. Consider cutting these carbs out and replacing them with less fattening alternatives.

For example, next time you're in the mood for pasta, use zucchini noodles and make a light pesto sauce instead of heavy alfredo. 

2. Plan Your Workouts Thoughtfully 

If your planning on hitting the gym in hopes to lose weight, you'll want to go in with a plan. It's not enough to just hit the elliptical or treadmill and head home.

While cardio is important, balancing it with weight training is a must for weight loss and toning. While you burn calories during cardio, weight training and resistance helps to burn off calories even after your workout. Start by using dumbells, resistance bands and kettlebells in your workouts. 

Varying the intensity of your workouts is also important. Using a heart rate monitor such as a smartwatch or FitBit is a great way to see which workouts are offering you high or low-intensity benefits. 

Make sure your workouts are effective by eating a healthy meal before or drinking a protein shake. The best whey protein powder for weight loss will boost your energy and decrease your appetite, while the whey will help maintain muscle strength. 

3. Stress Less, Sleep More 

Stress can affect your sleeping habits, and increase hunger. Making sure to cut stress out of your daily life can have serious effects on your weight.

Getting a good night of sleep on a regular basis will help your body get on a schedule, making sure that you're ready for healthy eating and a great workout as soon as you wake up. 

4. Take Your Vitamins 

Taking supplements and vitamins during your weight loss journey can help you progress towards a healthier you. Taking a daily multivitamin can help increase your metabolic rate. Vitamin D is another essential vitamin to take when trying to lose weight. 

A Quick Guide on How to Slim Down

Try all of these tips on how to slim down to reach your weight loss goals. While slimming down takes a lot of work and persistence, the health and self-confidence benefits you will achieve are priceless. Take the time and put the work in to reach your fitness goals today!

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