There are no better pieces of equipment than power racks. Home gym enthusiasts can spend hours researching the best power racks 2021, but that shouldn’t be the only focus. Before you get a rack, you should know how to do the top five exercises with the equipment.

1. Squat

A squat is the standard exercise of squat racks.  You will want to load the bar below shoulder level. As you ready yourself, you will want to step under the bar, allowing it to touch the back of your shoulders. Place your hands and even distance apart on either side, lift the bar straight toward the ceiling using your legs.

With the bar lifted, step away from the rack and place your feet shoulder-width apart and toes pointed outward slightly. It is crucial to maintain good posture to prevent injury, so your head should always be looking forward, your back straight, and your core tight. Your legs are meant to do the work, bending at the knees and hips, going up and down.

2. Standing Overhead Press

To prepare for a standing overhead press, you will need to place the bar at chest height and step under, placing the bar along the collarbone. With your hands placed an equal distance apart and wider than your shoulders, you want to lift and lock your position over your head. From this position, slowly lower the bar to your shoulders, then, exhaling, lift the bar back above your head. After performing your reps, you can lower the bar back onto the rack and rest.

3. Deadlift

For a deadlift, you want to position the bar at the lowest available point on the rack. Your feet should be shoulder width apart. You want to bend at the hips and knees, keeping your back straight and core tight. Place your hands on the bar, using a mixed, overhand, or underhand grip (whatever is more comfortable). 

As you lift, you want to feel the weight through your heels. Do not pull up. You want to push up from the floor through your knee and hips. Maintain momentum as the bar passes your knees and allow the bar to drive into your hips. Allow your hips to transfer some of the weight by pulling your shoulder blades together and squeezing your glutes.

Do not just drop the bar or let yourself fall to the ground. Slowly, maintaining tension, bend your hips and knees, lowering the bar back to the ground.

4. Barbell Lunges

The bar should be placed below shoulder level for a barbell lunge. Step under the bar, ensuring it finds its seat just below the neck on the back of your shoulders. With hands evenly spaced, lift the bar above your head. Step forward into a squat position. Push off your heel back into the starting position. Then, lunge forward with the opposite leg.

5. Bent Over Row

For the bent over row, you want to use an underhand grip, positioning your body in a bowed position, chest almost parallel to the floor. Let the barbell hang. Then, with elbows tucked, lift the bar toward your waist, flexing your back muscles at the movements peak. Lower the bar slower and repeat.

Are you ready for a power rack? Contact a local home gym supplier for more information.