Belly fat can be irritating, and it is the development of excessive fat around the stomach when we consume more calories than required by the body. The excess fats that cover the internal organs are known as visceral fats. Most of us would love to eliminate belly fat because it makes us look ugly, but many of us failed to lose our belly fat. Here are the reasons you are not losing your belly fat:

#1 - Genes

Different people have different body figure, some are born with an apple shaped figure, others have pear shaped figure. If you have an apple shaped figure, then you have more fats on your tummy than any other parts of your body.

#2 - Stress

People who are in stress would always tend to grab something that is high in calories and fats, for instance, chocolates or beer. It would be very difficult to lose weight especially those fats around your midsection. Besides, when cortisol increased due to stress, it would deposit more visceral fats making it difficult for you to lose fats from your belly.

#3 - Lower Hormone Level

Women usually has their estrogen level decreases when they are getting old, and when they reach menopausal stage and gain weight, the fat they accumulate goes straight to their belly. Apart from that, men's testosterone levels also decrease as they age, but at a slower pace.

#4 - Lack of Sleep

Ample of sleep is vital if you would love to lose weight. Lack of sleep would only lead the body to look for something to make up for the lack of energy, and your body would only crave for foods with high sugar and fat.

#5 - Wrong Diet
Too much processed food is bad for your health and belly because it can cause inflammation in the body which is associated with developing belly fat. Moreover, taking saturated, polyunsaturated, and monosaturated fats may increase the visceral fat.