Love your dance fitness workouts a lot? If you invest a lot of hours and energy into your classes, it might be time for you to level up. You can’t be a student forever, after all. If you know enough and love to share what you know, then why not consider being a dance instructor?

Going for Your Fitness Certification

Not sure where to start? That’s what we’re here for. There are plenty of programs one can earn their dance fitness certification in, such as Bombay Jam’s 90-minute calorie-burning dance extravaganza. But regardless of the dance fitness program you choose, the steps you need to take will be similar.

1.    Register - Find out about the dates and schedules of certification exams ahead of time. When you do, mark the date in your calendar. If registration is open, sign up for the event.

2.    Prepare – Check your inbox after registering. You’ll mostly likely get your review materials to help you prepare for the certification. Don’t panic. Just read through everything. And make sure you don’t overdo it. There’s such a thing as over-preparing, so keep calm and don’t burn yourself out. You’ll stand a better chance of passing the certification test if you’re in a relaxed frame of mind instead of agitated and stressed out.

3.    Attend - If you’re up for the challenge and convinced yourself you do have what it takes to make an excellent dance fitness instructor, then attend the event. Just stay relaxed throughout the examination. And if possible, have a little fun.

4.    Results - Don’t kill yourself with anxiety while you wait. Busy yourself with other things. Exercise more. Take a walk. Read a book. Buy all the groceries and prepare a lavish meal. When your results do come back, then you can let loose and celebrate with family and friends.

Asking Your Friends

If you know someone—a friend or family member—who’ll find dance fitness classes to be greatly beneficial, then invite him or her to your class. Some students go to a workout class stressed or worried, only to leave an hour or two later, walking out with an extra hitch in their step. Dance fitness offers a ton of benefits your friends and family will surely appreciate. Take a look at some of them below:

1.    It’s fun. What do you get with your dance fitness classes like Bombay Jam or Zumba? Catchy tunes, great choreography, and wonderfully positive people who dance the sessions away. According to the Daily Mail, 9 out of 10 women have already heard about zumba classes, with 45 percent having tried their hand at it. The numbers show that one third of that 45 percent continue to go to class on a regular basis. Why is that? Some say the chief reason is this: it’s fun. It follows the F = LBC equation. In zumba circles, what this equation means is: Lasting Behavioral Change = Fun. By making the activity fun, by making every effort to ensure classes are always fun, it’s easy to see how people embrace the workout on their own, how they incorporate it into their daily lives.

Bombay Jam, while much newer than Zumba and not as popular globally yet, is taking fitness enthusiasts by storm with its unique blend of traditional Bollywood music spliced with Top 40 jams to deliver a groove-centric workout that makes you forget you’re dancing in the first place.

2.    It’s a great exercise. WebMD says that dancing for exercise offers a ton of health benefits. The workouts hit a few key areas in the body such as your arms, legs, glutes, back, and of course, your core. With lunges and jumps along with other dance routines that emphasize hip rotation or movement, your dance fitness sessions can help you get the body size you’ve always wanted but hadn’t ever had the will or control to strive for.

3.    It’s a stress reliever. Ever had one of those long days when work crawls by and you’re filled to the brim with stress? It’s tempting to ditch class when you’re stressed. However, working out when you’re stressed is pivotal to going home with a clear, recharged mindset. The minute you see people and hear music, you’ll find yourself shaking off the worries of your day and smiling in no time.

That’s how contagiously happy and cheerful a dance fitness experience can be. You won’t just shake off your worries, you’ll also make new friends, have fun, and for the next hour or two, think of nothing more than improving your lunges and sways.

4.    It’s a happy drug. We all know exercise triggers a hormone in the brain that makes us happy. Dance fitness works in much the same way, though it takes the happiness to a different level. Given the contagiously upbeat nature of the songs and the people you’re surrounded with in these classes, it’s easy to see why dance exercise sessions send people home feeling cheerful and happy.

So if you want your family and friends to live better, healthier lives, why not start them out on a dance fitness exercise routine? Teach them to grow comfortable with dance fitness and make like-minded friends in the process!