While it may seem that the most desired breast surgery is an augmentation to increase breast size, the reality is that many women who naturally have large breasts can find that they live with a significant amount of pain. Neck pain, shoulder and back pain, along with a hunched uncomfortable posture can all often be attributed to larger breasts.

Top breast surgeon such as Dr. Justin Perron understand that undergoing a breast reduction procedure can go a long way toward the alleviation of many of these breast-related pains.

What is a breast reduction?

As the name of the procedure would indicate, a breast reduction procedure is one that reduces the size and placement of larger breasts. Large breasts can lead to increased strain on both back and chest muscles, as the oversized breasts create more tension on the supporting muscles. Posture can suffer, along with confidence levels. 

Women with larger breasts can find it a challenge to look their best. There may be difficulty with bras and shirts simply not fitting well. Bras may also not be able to offer the right type of support that the heavy breast tissue requires, which can also lead to additional strain on the neck and shoulders. Many women also report painful grooves in their shoulders from the straps of their bras.

Reducing the size and adjusting the positioning of the breasts can help to alleviate the muscle strain, while also helping to enhance the overall confidence levels of the woman. Women who have for too long lived with breasts that negatively impact their confidence levels can design the silhouette that they have long been dreaming of.

What is the breast reduction procedure like?

When you work with an experienced breast surgeon, you’ll be confident that your doctor will ensure that the procedure for a breast reduction goes as smoothly as is possible. With expert techniques there will be minimal scarring and manageable discomfort during the recovery and healing phase.

Your breast surgeon will generally perform the procedure on an outpatient basis, which means that you can return to your home and recover in the comfort of your familiar surroundings.

Once you have passed a general health check and you are cleared for surgery, your breast reduction and lift will be scheduled. On the day of the procedure, you will be administered a general anesthesia. Once you are asleep and comfortable, your surgeon will make a small incision in your breast in order to remove the extra breast tissue that has been marked for removal.

The incisions are most often made under the breasts in order to minimize the visible scarring. The extra tissue will be removed from each breast so that you get an even look to your breasts. The nipple, areola and extra skin will be adjusted in order to give you a tight and firm appearance to your breasts.
The incisions will be closed with micro stitches that are expertly placed. This will also help to reduce the visible scarring from the procedure.

Once the surgery has been completed, you’ll be moved into recovery so that your reaction to the anesthesia can be monitored. When you are able to stand and walk, you’ll be sent home with thorough recovery instructions.

What is recovery like after a breast reduction?

It’s essential that you follow the recovery guidelines so that you are assured of a smooth recovery phase. A significant amount of swelling and bruising can be expected after the procedure. You may have a lot of pain, but your doctor will prescribe something to help you get through the worst days of pain. 

You may be restricted from returning to work for up to two weeks which is the duration of stage 1 of recovery. It is favorably recommended to continue wearing compression garments even on stage 2 of recovery, which starts 1-2 weeks after your plastic surgery, to promote quick healing. You’ll also be instructed to avoid working out until at least the six-week recovery point. Healthy diet after such surgical procedure is also important. Your surgeon will monitor your healing during the weeks following the procedure in order to ensure that the swelling is going down and the breasts are healing well.

There’s no need to live a life with continued pain and discomfort as a direct result of larger breasts. A breast reduction can help you to design the silhouette you’ve been dreaming of, while also reducing the pain from larger breasts.