Skin cancer is the Number 1 cause of cancer in the US while many other countries are recording even more cases every year than the US. With an estimated 3 million people affected every year, you can’t ignore the magnitude at which skin cancer is affecting lives all over the world, and as such, you shouldn’t neglect putting on your sunscreen everyday.

Can You Use Sunscreen For Oily Skin?

Yes, Clinique Sunscreen products are effective for oily skin. Here are some tips on how you can keep your sunscreen on:

Tip No. 1: Apply your initial sunscreen dose after a fresh wash.  Getting impurities off of your skin refreshes your skin and removes dirt and excess oils that are stopping your skin’s natural oils form moisturizing the surface, making your skin react by greasing even more.

Tip No. 2: Layer your sunscreen with your other products with care. Wait a few minutes to let one sink in first before applying your next product. This makes sure that the product is well incorporated and attached to your skin before layering another.

Tip No. 3: Use the right kind of sunscreen formulated for oily skin.  Effectiveness and low tendency to make your already oily skin even greasier also depends on which type of Clinique Sunscreen you are using. When it comes to Clinique’s line up of sunscreens, here are some of your choices:

Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen Oil-Free Face Cream, US $26.50.  This variety is specially formulated for oily skin types. Its quick absorbent formulation won’t leave your skin surface greasy as it glides smoothly and mattifies your look. This formula is also recommended for you if you have acne-prone skin. However, people with problematic skin conditions must not use this because, although it contains mineral UV filters, it is still infused with chemical sunscreens.

SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen Fluid for Face, US $26; also available in SPF 50 for face and SPF 30 for body.  This is the sunscreen from Clinique that should perfectly suit sensitive and problematic skin. If you have acne-prone or oily and chronically inflamed skin, this product should also work well for you. It has weightless texture that goes into your skin as soon as the product is applied and is formulated only with mineral sunscreens, excluding toxins that come from chemical sunscreens.

Clinique Sun Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen Face Cream, US $23. This is the sunscreen formula that best fits normal to dry skin. It is infused with moisturizers and mica that can leave a slight shine on your skin.

The Problems That Beset Sunscreen

Vikings actor, Donal Logue was recently diagnosed with and cleared of skin cancer. He shares his sentiments: “I know I have to be extra-vigilant in the future: to check for new spots, to stay out of the sun if I can, to wear sunscreen when I can’t…I wish I could shake that young boy I once was — running around under the hot, desert sun without protection — for doing such ineradicable damage to his future skin.”

Although a Clinique Sunscreen is one of the best solutions for you to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, many people, probably even including you, don’t bother to be consistent with their sunscreen use. Here are some of the reasons why:

1.  They are deliberately getting a sun tan. There’s no safe tan, not even when you have sunscreen on to get it. That is one fact that has been established by skin experts. The next best thing to an atual tan is a self-tanning lotion or spray.

2. Sunscreen gets in the way of their makeup.  If you like wearing makeup, you must know that some sunscreens leave a white streak or make your complexion turn to ash when layered with makeup. Sunscreen can also grease and make your makeup slip.

3. Sunscreen can make acne and other skin conditions worse. Sunscreens can be highly irritating. The only non-irritating alternative fit for sensitive skin types are mineral sunscreens. It can worsen sebum production and clog pores.

4. Sunscreen can be toxic. Chemical sunscreen actives have been found to cause endocrine disruptions and are known to be laden with a host of other toxins which can harm your body and the environment.


Make sunscreen your top vanity secret even when you have oily skin. That protection you give will reap you rewards that support your long-term beauty and health with regular use.