Perkasa chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali lauded the Court of Appeal's decision today banning Catholics from using the word "Allah" in the Bahasa Malaysia section of The Herald.

Ibrahim shouted cries of "Praise be to Allah", and warned political parties not to issue statements on the court's decision for political mileage.

"I consider this case closed. Please stop talking about it."

He also urged the authorities to monitor closely to make sure that the word "Allah" is not used by non-Muslims.

Saying he was "amazed" with the decision of the court, Ibrahim urged the people to just "get on with life".

Addressing the crowd earlier before the decision was delivered, Ibrahim called on the Christian community not to misunderstand the fight for the use of the word "Allah" and stressed that his Malay rights group was not anti-Christian.

"We respect the Christians, we consider them our brothers. We are for a harmonious multi-religious Malaysia."

He said, however, that when the Bible was published in the various languages in the past, the word Allah was never used.

"It is only when they published it in Bahasa Malaysia that they used the word Allah," he said.

Ibrahim also took a swipe at DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng for supporting the Christians' stand, and hit out at PAS president Datu Seri Abdul Hadi Awang for saying Muslims cannot stop others from using the word Allah.

"I hope the Christians don't get us wrong. We just have different beliefs. You are our brothers and sisters but please respect our religion," said Ibrahim. - October 14, 2013.