Mention the letters “GTi” to anyone and two cars will spring to mind: the Volkswagen Golf GTi and the Polo GTi. These iconic hatchbacks are the reason people in the UK and mainland Europe refer to any hatchback car as a “hot hatch.”

Some cars from other manufacturers use those special three letters. But none can ever duplicate the magic and nostalgia that only comes with those two Volkswagen models. The German firm has a long timeline of GTi models for the Golf and Polo.


In 2013, Volkswagen launched the latest Golf GTi at the Paris Motor Show. At this year’s event, it was the Polo GTi’s time to shine! The company is keen to continue with the Polo’s sporting tradition. Any die-hard Volkswagen fans out there will remember that tradition first began with the Polo G40 back in 1985.

It’s not likely that we will be getting the Golf’s smaller brother here in the United States. But what if you live in Europe or are just a self-confessed Volkswagen nut? Keep reading to find out what makes the new Polo GTi so special and better than its predecessors!

Under the hood

The words “Volkswagen” and “GTi” in the same sentence will often make people think of one thing: brake horsepower!

The latest Polo GTi offering from the Volkswagen stable presents some fantastic specifications. For a start, the engine is now powered by a new 1.8-liter TSI powerplant that offers an impressive 189 brake horsepower.

Polo GTi fans will note that the previous model had a 1.4-liter twin-charged model. In this latest model, the 1.8-liter engine gets its power boost from the BorgWarner K03 turbocharger. You can reach 60 mph from a standing start in just 6.6 seconds.

What some people might not know is that the new Volkswagen Polo GTi is only 0.3 seconds slower to 60 mph than the Polo R WRC! The GTi also has a top speed of 147 mph.

The 60 mph time is the same whether you opt for the seven-speed DSG transmission or a six-speed manual. That just shows how efficient and cutting-edge today’s automatic gearbox technologies have become!

The new 1.8-liter TSI engine also benefits from variable valve timing. It has a dual-stage valve timing system that also passes strict Euro 6 emissions laws over in Europe. Not only does the new 2015 Volkswagen Polo GTi pack plenty of power under the hood, it’s also good for the environment too.

For those of you that want to learn just how eco-friendly this car is, the following details will satisfy your curiosity:
  • 7-speed DSG version: 129 g/km CO2;
  • 6-speed manual version: 139 g/km CO2.

Electronic adjustable suspension

Available as an option on the new 2015 Volkswagen Polo GTi is an electronic adjustable suspension system. The firm dub this “Sport Select” suspension. It is the first time such an option got made available for the Polo GTi.

We all know that the new Polo GTi already has sports suspension as standard. But one can upgrade to the Sport Select suspension for a firmer ride. All you have to do is press the “Sport” button on the dashboard, and the stiffer suspension gets activated.

For those that buy a new Polo GTi with the seven-speed DSG transmission, the driving mode changes to “Sport” for you.

The suspension is 15 mm lower at the front and 10 mm lower at the back than standard Polo models. The result is a lower center of gravity. And the Polo GTi offers more agile handling and cornering than other trim models of the same generation because of this.



The new 2015 Volkswagen Polo GTi comes with ventilated disc brakes all-round as standard. Up front is a set of 310 mm rotors, while the back features 230 mm rotors. As you can tell from the photographs, the brake calipers are all painted red.

Volkswagen says that is a distinctive feature of their GTi models. The car’s brakes work in harmony with various safety systems such as ABS and electronic stability control. GTi nut Mick from says the ESC system works with road or track conditions.

Exterior styling

It doesn’t matter whether you buy the three-door or five-door Volkswagen Polo GTi. One thing that is common across the board is the unique GTi styling. There are many additions to the latest GTi model.

These include new bumpers, alloy wheels, GTi insignia and red radiator grille strips. You can buy the GTi with LED headlights and daytime running lights. There are also other sporty styling features such as splitters, the likes of which get used on race cars.

The 17-inch alloy wheels which come with the Polo GTi as standard complement the car’s sporty styling. And the lowered stance from the uprated suspension gives the car a “mean” look to it!


You have a choice of seven colors with the 2015 Volkswagen Polo GTi. They are as follows:
  • Pure White (solid);
  • Flash Red (solid);
  • Black (solid);
  • Reflex Silver (metallic);
  • Deep Black (metallic);
  • Blue Silk (metallic);
  • Oryx White (pearlescent).
I’ve seen examples of those colors in the flesh, and I have to say that my personal favorite is Reflex Silver! As with any new car you buy today, some of those colors are cost options - i.e. the non-solid colors. I always think if you are buying a car as special as the Polo GTi, it’s worth paying the extra bucks for a metallic or pearlescent paint color.


There is no official word at the time of writing of when the new Volkswagen Polo GTi will be in dealer showrooms. At an unofficial level, we got told that the car will be available from 2015 at some point.

When we get official confirmation in the near future, we will update this blog post and let you know.

Love it or loathe it, you can be sure that the new 2015 Volkswagen Polo GTi will take the “hot hatch” market by storm!