Most people would rather own a Ferrari than a Toyota Prius, but not this guy. This man named Hyatt say he's given up on an unspecified Ferrari for a Prius.

"Performance cars have been in my blood since I was a kid," says Mr. Hyatt. "There came a point in my life when I could actually afford the car of my dreams, which was a Ferrari. All went smooth until I got into the car and absolutely hated it."

He goes on to explain why he decided to go for the Prius:

"When I first started looking at the Prius, I loved the engineering –I'm an engineer by background – and I love the engineering behind the hybrid system, the reputation that the Japanese manufacturers have for extremely high quality and reliability. I enjoyed the actual driving experience in the Prius, because it is so relaxing. That's "what I enjoy about it"

Watch the video below: