So, you have finally got your hands on an exotic new car. Maybe this is a moment you have dreamed about, or maybe it is a passion that has come completely out of the blue. Regardless, here you are, ready to take care of this new luxury item like your life depends on it. 

If you are wondering how exactly you can do that- we have you covered.
Read on to find out more.

Keep Your Cars Service Up to Date 

The one thing all cars need to stay safe and healthy is a service, and your luxury car is not much different. However, if something goes wrong that could have been prevented, it might cost the equivalent of a down payment on a house- so that is worth considering if you ever feel like ignoring a little ticking noise. 

Your car should come with its own personal maintenance plan, which will tell you when you need to schedule these services. 
In between these, make sure to keep those little yet crucial bits up to date, such as oil changes and checking the filters are clean so your car can run as smoothly as possible.


Do not skip on insurance for your new exotic car unless you can afford the fallout should an accident happen. It is not worth the heartbreak. 

Check what policy you think will suit you best and make sure you buy it and that it is activated before you take it on the road. 
Insuring a luxury car will be significantly more expensive than insuring an everyday car, but it is often worth that peace of mind. 

Interior Cleaning 

Keep your interior immaculate by keeping on top of cleaning. Hoovering your car twice a week should keep things in pristine condition, which is not only important for when you are enjoying your car but also significant for if you are planning on selling your luxury car at any point. For example, Range Rovers are an extremely popular luxury car, and people will pay good money for one that has been taken care of. So, if you are thinking of selling a Range Rover, then you want to make sure it has really been taken care of. 

Exterior Focus

As well as taking care of the inside, you will also want to make sure that your exterior is kept clean and tidy as often as possible too. Not only is this a shining advertisement of your luxury car, but it will also keep the body in good condition. Look after the paintwork, and make sure mud, dust, and other debris are washed away regularly as if they stick around too long, they can damage the surface of the body– and worse! 

Look After Your Tires 

Keeping your tires in good condition is also another must for the list. While this is not so much of a luxury car exclusive tip, it is an important step to make sure they do not burst and cause any significant damage to the car – or put your life in danger! Especially if you are using your exotic car on the racetrack.