Want to buy a car at an online auction but scared you will make a mistake? We can help.

There are certain things you do and don’t do at an auction. Now that the world of auctioneering has become as digital as our everyday office has, we need to adjust our expectations. There are more pitfalls and traps to be spotted, dodged, and accounted for. We have listed five of the worst traps to avoid when you are buying a used car at an online auction. If you can, try to spare yourself some grief by taking our advice.

The 5 Things to Avoid When Buying a Car from an Online Car Auction Site

Are you ready to buy a new car unseen? Let’s talk about how to avoid scam artists and dishonest sellers when you go to auction.

1 – Blind Bidding

Don’t bid on a car based on a glance through some pictures. Read the specs, read the descriptions, look at the mileage, see if it comes with warranties. If you choose to follow your heart on a car at auction and bid blind, you risk getting less car than you had hoped for. You can bid sensibly and still have great fun at an online car auction. Find out more at: https://www.crankyape.com/default.asp?pg=DisItems&Cat=11.

2 – Blinder Bidding

It’s online, so you are bidding from the comfort of your armchair. It’s a Saturday afternoon, you’re having a beer or two. Drunk bidding is the worst thing you can do for yourself. You might be locked into a car purchase you can’t afford, don’t want, or didn’t read all the information about. 

3 – Artificial Sellers

So imagine that you won the auction and you are expecting a car to arrive, but that car never comes. There has been an issue, you contact the auction house, and they say that the seller reported you had received the car. The seller is gone, no trace. How do you avoid the seller making off with the goods and the money?

First, research your seller as a buyer. Research the vehicle, too. Make sure you buy through a reputable auction site that vets its sellers thoroughly. If the auction site performs identity checks, you can be sure of a safe sale. All the more reason to choose an auction house with a good reputation.

4 – Not Entering the Correct Information

Another reason not to bid on cars while under the influence is that it prevents you entering the wrong details. If you give the auction site a fake address, for example, your winnings might be delivered elsewhere. If you give fake bank information, they won’t receive your payment and you could be forced to pay or faced with fraud charges. Just give the correct information. 

5 – Not Using a Reputable Auction Site

All the above can be avoided if you do one thing, before you start bidding. Research the auction house. Find out if they vet the sellers, if they see the vehicles themselves, or if they are known for scamming clients. Look at their reviews and their history before you decide to shop with them. It’s just good common sense.