Are you thinking about buying a scooter and are worried about maintenance? Relax. Taking care of a scooter is not rocket science. It requires a little effort and consistency to ensure it gives you service for a long time, but that’s all.

When that scooter is electric, you need to be intentional about care and maintenance to keep the scooter functional. I bet you do not want to keep spending money on repairs and replacements. Let us look at a few tips to help you take good care of that scooter you have or are planning to buy.

Tips for maintaining E-Scooters

1. Ensure You Charge it Regularly

The battery is the main feature of an electric scooter. One of the best ways to ensure your scooter stays functional is to ensure the battery is good. Maintaining the battery means regular charging to maximize its life. You can charge it after every ride or do it every few days. There is no way your scooter will be battery dead if you charge it up to 100% before the battery charge dies.

2. Inspect Your Tires Before Every Ride

This step is really important because it helps gauge whether the tire pressure is right to prevent the inner tube from wear and tear. Also, you get to see which tires need replacement or repair. Checking for damages on the tires before you go for a ride ensures you do not worsen any damage on the tires. It gives you an overview of how your tires are looking

3. Keep it Clean and Lubricated

Like with everything else, cleaning is an important step in maintenance. Besides the usual benefit of keeping it looking neat, cleaning your electric scooter will help prevent damage. Some parts of the scooter can easily clog due to unattended dirt and other particles that might get stuck in there. Lubricating regularly also ensures that the wheels run properly.

4. Schedule an Annual Inspection with a Mechanic

As much as you need to do the maintenance yourself, there are many other issues that you might not notice. You can plan to have your electric scooter inspected by a reliable and qualified mechanic to rule out any major damages. An annual inspection might save you from shelving that Shell RIDE scooter you got.

5. Keep it Away from Direct Sunlight and Extreme Temperatures

An electric scooter is delicate and requires a safe and secure location to park. Do not leave it out in the open, where there is direct sunlight. The battery may not withstand too warm or too cold temperatures. Find a place with moderate temperatures to keep your scooter when not in use. That way, you can keep the battery running for longer.


Electric scooters are convenient and eco-friendly. With the right amount of care, they can be quite useful for a long period. The above tips will help you with preventative maintenance and save you from costly repairs and replacements. You can now buy that scooter without worrying about maintenance and taking care of it.