Depending on the nature of the excursions and climatic circumstances, most automotive batteries have a lifespan of 3-5 years. Here are some pointers on things to look for when purchasing a new vehicle battery.

Battery Dimensions
Car batteries are classified by group sizes, which describe the battery's length, breadth, and height. You may determine the needed battery size by studying the owner's handbook or consulting your mechanic, and then comparing automobile batteries. The correct battery size is one that fits snugly into the battery tray, securing the battery and preventing vibration damage. Now that you are well aware of the things all you need to do is to contact the Car Battery Replacement Service by Midas Service Centre and get a battery. 

Freshness of the battery
A code on the battery that comprises a letter and a number indicates the battery's freshness. The letter denotes the month, while the number denotes the year of manufacturing, for example, B/4 denotes February 2014. Never purchase a battery that is more than six months old from the date of manufacturing. This will help you in getting the right product in your hand. Also the car will enjoy a long life with a battery of good quality. 

Capacity Reserve
This is the amount of time the battery can operate without the help of the engine before being discharged. A large Reserve Capacity helps the automobile get through difficult conditions like a noncompliant engine, alternator failure, and leaving lights on by accident.

There are two types of maintenance situations here: low maintenance and maintenance-free. The liquid electrolyte in a maintenance-free automobile battery is normally sealed, and it can operate for the whole battery life without needing to be replaced. Low-maintenance batteries include caps that may be opened to allow for the addition of distilled water on a regular basis.

It's a good idea to think about warranties and pick a battery that has a long time of free replacement. A figure combining the free replacement term and the prorated time is used to calculate warranty lengths. For a short time, the prorated term provides for partial refund of the battery purchase price.

Terminal Types and Locations
The polarity of the automobile is affected by the position of the positive terminal, and there is a possibility of shorting if the positive terminal makes contact with the car's metal shell. It is therefore critical to determine whether the positive terminal is on the right or left side of the automobile, depending on the model.

Battery Life 
Your present battery's battery life may be checked at an auto parts store or a battery expert. This will allow you to determine if you require a new battery or only require routine maintenance.

Consider your prior experience with the battery type before purchasing one. A battery that has been reliable for a long time is better, and you can always compare your experience with that of your friends.