A news was released early today reporting an idol member of a six-member group was arrested for drunk driving and attempting to run away from the police.

Just like what netizens have suspected, he is indeed Yoon Sungmo, 30, a member of boy group Supernova. The speculations have been confirmed by Supernova's agency, Maroo Entertainment, as they release an official statement regarding the incident stating that Sungmo went out for dinner with an acquaintance and had few drinks around 1:20AM  before driving home in his own car. 

However, since the road isn't busy he didn't pay much attention to the traffic lights  and was caught by police upon the checkpoint where he was found to have been drunk driving with .092% alcohol intake after the test, the agency added. Meanwhile, Sungmo is in deep reflection and Maroo Entertainment promises to comply with all the investigation and takes responsibility for not taking care of their artists.

Lastly, in behalf of Sungmo, the agency apologizes for causing trouble to the fans and promises to do their best so the same incident won't happen again in the future.

Let's hope everything will be settled immediately.