EXID's Hani is on a different level of 4D-ness and she's so charmingly hilarious.

On tonight's episode of "Star King", Hani appeared as a guest and once again shows off her hilarious "foot selfie" which has gone viral internationally even before her "Up & Down" fancam blows up.

On the show, Hani recalls that it was a holiday and she was very bored at the dorm so she took the selfie using her foot but her manager told her later on that it has become viral internationally. 

After her story, the other guest and audience at the studio request to do it again and Hani proudly shows her foot-method groufie while standing together with Kang Hodong and Leeteuk that bring so much laughter on the set. 

I still can't believe that the foot selfie girl is now a big thing in South Korea!