Look's like Brown Eyed Girls member Miryo will be having a rocky start at her solo debut. It has been revealed that her first solo album "revenger" was not able to pass the restrictions from the deliberation on broadcasting company SBS. Her agency revealed on the 31st of January saying, "Miryo's solo album revenger has been banned from broadcast on SBS. The officials from SBS said that the lyrics of the song has meanings of violence."

It seems that the dark lyrics of the title song from Miryo's solo album contained messages depicting violence and even suggested suicide at some point in the lyrics because the song is about a woman expressing her feelings from a breakup.

The official continued, "We have not yet received news from MBC and KBS, it seems that they are having a hard time making a final decision. Meanwhile, Her schedule will continue as planned, she will reveal her title track "Dirty" this coming February 1."