Branding is a major influence in the Korean music industry of today. SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment each have their own famous producer as their own 'brand.' With one hit track after another, producer Bang Shihyuk (38) has turned 'HITMAN BANG' into his own form of confirmation. Each song he has released has shaken up the music market like no other. Starting off with 2AM's 'Can't Send You...' in the first half of the year and moving on to Homme's 'Still Eating Well' continuing the trend, he's stated, "I haven't released my representative track yet. I'm still hungry." He dreams of the birth of a Bang Shihyuk style Korean music industry. 

- You get a lot of requests for songs, don't you? You seem to be very busy.

"Not quite. I basically play every day lately and torture the other employees. I've decided to only produce for Big Hit Entertainment artists for internal stability. My musical inspiration doesn't come from envy... and I do have to think about my age. (laughter) I've recently finished everything to be released for the first half of next year, starting from Im Junghee all the way to a new kids hip hop group. They're called 'Bulletproof Boy Scouts.' Cute name, right? I got it from my nickname, 'Hitman.' Their means that they'll be able to block my bullets. 

- Where do you get your brilliant ideas?