In honor of tonight's Lost season finale, we decided to pay tribute to everyone's favorite Shih-Tzu lover, Hurley. Thanks for explaining this whole time-warp mess to us, Kong.

Hurley and Sayid's Sinister Slumber Party
The first episode of the season finds Hurley getting into all sorts of zany and dangerous capers including doing a nice cryptic painting of a Sphinx, staging a mental institution breakout, and witnessing Sayid kill a man with a dishwasher... all whilst wearing pajamas.

Screaming Hot Pocket
After getting a surprise visit from the villainous island inhabitant, Hurley chucks a steaming HotPocket at Ben. We'd probably do the same. The look on Ben's face is priceless.

Shih-Tsu Lover (Had To Do It)
Hurley is on the run from Johnny Law and the only was to get the fuzz off his tail is to change out of his Sayid-stained threads and buy an XXXXXL "I love my Shih-Tzu" t-shirt from the gas station. Points for speed and inventiveness as well as sartorial know-how.

I Was Always Pretty Confused About the Button Too
Hurley essentially explains the last 4 seasons to his mom.

Who's your Daddy (No, Seriously)
Later on in the season, Hurley, back on the island and immune to law enforcement, becomes the Dharma chef with all sorts of duties like delivering sandwiches/bodies, breaking the news to Kate that ever-dewy Juliet and Sawyer are an item, and easing tensions between Daddy Chang and Miles (his son from the future). Egging on Miles to talk to his Papa was truly taking one for the team, Hugo. Thanks for that — I couldn't stand the silence for another second.

"So This Conversation We're Having Now, Already Happened? What Am I Going To Say Next?"
By the back half of Lost, Hurley and combative friend Miles are spending a lot of time together, making it possible for Hurley to ask what we all have been wondering (can they die?) and for Miles to assuage our fears and say it'll be fine, sort of. This scene, while adorable and hilarious, complete seals Hurley fate as "the viewer," but could we ask for a better spokesperson? Plus he asks the all important question about shooting Ben as a kid.

You Said There Wasn't Going To Be A Quiz

A Tender Moment Between The Odd Couple
But of course the most heartwarming part of the season was the moment Hurley, Kate and Jack climb out of that Dharma bus, the shining countenance of Sawyer greeting them as the tender embrace between the former enemies ensues. All traces of the bully/fat kid dynamic between Sawyer and Hurley melts away in the island sun and all problems of past, future, present, reality and illusion are temporarily dissolved. Until the whole "Call me LaFleur" thing where it all goes to shit.

Hurley Gets It
This is probably the quintessential "Hurley get's it moment." Can any of you honestly say that if you were transported back in time, you wouldn't try and "fix" a few classic pop culture moments? Plus it's Star Wars, so it's automatically pure win. He's the only person who truly who's tried to use the time travel situation to his advantage, thus far.

Great season, Hurley — can't wait to see what you'll explain next.