UPDATED: Jump the cut. Things looking bad for Dollhouse.

Someone asked me the other day if I wanted to take one of my current projects to Fox and my response was: “If we get there, sure, but Fox is really disrespectful to its properties.” Let me count the ways: Arrested Development? Firefly? Family Guy, before Adult Swim mad them realize it was profitable?

Now, even after all the discussion about how Fox was trying to screw Dollhouse, Fox looks like it’s gonna it already screwed Dollhouse…

TV Week reported on the return of Prison Break this season, saying: “Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse,” meanwhile, will have its season finale on May 8.”

Which is curious, because that would give Dollhouse only enough time to air its first 12 episodes when 13 were shot.

Whedonesque brings this to our attention:” Fox describes Dollhouse episode 12 as the season finale. Whether episode 13 a.k.a. ‘Epitaph One’? It is, after all, listed as an episode on the DVD.”

There are three options here:

1) Fox is confused and someone involved with Prison Break let loose an inaccurate press release suggesting Dollhouse would be abbreviated.

2) Fox has already dropped the axe on Dollhouse and are going to use Episode 12 as the finale knowing full well it won’t matter what episode is the finale since the show ain’t coming back.

3) Something else is up and one of the episodes between here and Episode 13 is going to be jettisoned, appearing in the correct order for the first time on the DVD (we’ll call this option “pulling a Firefly” since the entirety of that series was a huge schedule fuck up.

UPDATE: Option 3 is still in the ring:

Dollhouse hasn’t been the stellar game-changer that I was hoping it to be, but it’s SO disrespectful to rearrange and/or pull part of a season. Especially when this season might be the only one the show gets.

Here’s hoping for option one.

UPDATE:  Thanks to the power of Twitter, we’re now getting our first confirmation from the official Dr Horrible Twitter account:

Begin your mourning. Whedon has said this would be his last attempt at a TV series for awhile.