The Daltry Calhoun

The Daltry Calhoun

This movie presents the story of Daltry Calhoun is the man who always has a plan, the to go guy.

A man whose life takes an unpredicted turn when the daughter he never knew anything about arrives and moves in his house.

The 14-year-old girl, a gifted musician, is left in his care and he has to resolve the chaos he lives in,

He must find a solution to save his business in the same time with learning to be the father he never thought he could be.

The action takes place in a small town Tennessee where the father struggles to control his fading golf club.

Will he manage to do the both things in the same time?

Will he be a better father than he ever never thought it could be?

Release Date:  25 September 2005 (USA)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Cast: Johnny Knoxville, Juliette Lewis, Elizabeth Banks, David Koechner, Kick Gurry

Director: Katrina Holden Bronson