They Came from Upstairs Poster
They Came from Upstairs Poster

“They came from upstairs” is a fantasy film full of adventure, in which a group of aliens arrives on earth and invade a house in Maine, starting from the upper floor and going towards the ground floor.

When teenagers Bethany Pearson, Tom Pearson, Ricky, Lee and Art discover that the weapons the aliens plan to control human minds with do not work on children, they understand that it is in their power to save their parents and the whole world from the evil outer space forces; the downside is that they have to succeed in doing that before bedtime.

The kids come together and form a team, and the danger of losing their homes and the whole human kind makes them very strong and united and very determined to defeat and chase away those who have attached their territory.

Release Date: 31 July 2009

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

Cast:  Ashley Tisdale, Robert Hoffman, Doris Roberts, Carter Jenkins, Regan Young, Henri Young

Director: John Schultz