Kung Fu Panda Poster
Kung Fu Panda Poster

Po, the panda bear, is the laziest animal living in the Valley of Peace, but he has always dreamed of becoming a great martial arts fighter.

The Valley of Peace ha been under constant threat lately and all animals hope that the prophecy will come true; a prophecy announcing that a hero will rise amongst themselves and guide them to freedom.

They organize a martial arts competition to see who would be fit to defend them, but none of the participants have the mark mentioned in the prophecy.

All of a sudden, in the middle of the competition Po shows up, and the masters are shocked to discover the mark on him.

They are terrified by his lack of physical abilities and by his great desire to become the hero all are waiting for; nonetheless, the master will trust the wisdom of their ancestors and will start training this ungraceful and ambitionless animal.

Release Date: 6 June 2008

Genre:  Animation, Action, Comedy, Family

Cast: Jack Black (Po), Dustin Hoffman (Shifu), Angelina Jolie (Tigress), Ian McShane (Tai Lung), Jackie Chan (Monkey), Seth Rogen (Mantis), Lucy Liu (Viper)

Director: Mark Osborne , John Stevenson