A Match Made in Heaven

A Match Made in Heaven

Surinder Sahni is a peaceful, honest, middle-aged man, who works for the Punjab Power company and whose life changes forever when he meets Taani, a very young and beautiful woman.

Surinder and Taani get married, despite the age difference, but their marriage fails because there is no love or passion between them.

Taani wants to enter a dance competition called ‘Dancing Jodi’, but she hesitates because she is afraid that her husband is too old for this and her friends will make fun of her.

Surinder, finds out about his wife’s wishes and problems, and he decides to change his look completely for her sake,

Surinder starts watching dancing movies, starts dressing very modern and chic, changes his haircut and puts special make up in order not to be recognized. He enters the dancing competition next to Taani.

As the dancing contest develops, Taani is more and more in love with her dance partner, without even suspecting that he is actually her own husband.

Release Date: December 12, 2008

Genre: Romance, Musical, Drama


Shahrukh Khan (Surinder Sahni)

Rani Mukherjee


Director: Aditya Chopra