Made for each other

Made for each other

They say the best part of a marriage is its consumption….so what can you do if you are just married but you are forced to be totally abstinent?

Easy….you go and throw yourself in the arms of another woman and have very intense, passionate and comforting, no strings attached, plain old sex!That is what our protagonist did as well; and now, out of a feeling of guilt and remorse over what he did, he is trying to make things better.

He decides to lure his wife into a trap, making her cheat on him. With the help of his best friend named Mike, Dan starts looking for the man who could conquer his wife and thinks that man could be Mack Mackenzie.

Watch and find out!

Release Date: 2009

Comedy, Romance

Patrick Warburton, Danny Masterson, Christopher Masterson, Samm Levine, Kyle Howard, Bijou Phillips

Daryl Goldberg