Good Dick

Good Dick

‘Good Dick’ is a film about loneliness….single lonely people who manage to get passed their apparent differences.

A young girl named Anna enters a video tape rental store in search of an erotic movie; the salesman falls in love with her at first sight andswears to himself he will get over her emotional barriers and win her love.

He is weird-looking and the girl thinks he might even be a sex addict; when she finally agrees to have him around, she takes every chance she has at humiliating him.

He thinks he has a nice penis, she thinks he’s an idiot, and that he will never manage to sleep with her.

Soon enough she realizes she is in trouble….as much as she tries to push him away, she sees that their relationship is indeed weird, but it also very special.

Finally, the endless confrontations between them and her continuous mocking will stop and they start admitting they are good for eachother and that they do not have to be lonely anymore….

Release Date: 17 October 2008

Comedy, Drama, Romance

Cast: Tom Arnold, Charles Durning, Eric Edelstein, Martin Starr, Jesse Garcia

Director: Marianna Palka