Astro Boy

Astro Boy

‘Astro boy’ is the film version of what is considered to be the first anime series in history, created more than 50 years ago, by Osamu Tekuza.

Astro boy is a robot created by Professor Ochonomizu, a scientist of the Japan Institute of Science. He managed to build a robot that has the body of a child and human feelings.

His creation has X-ray vision, super hearing, an extraordinary artificial intelligence and 100,000 horse power, to which we must also add his power of shooting at his enemies with two weapons he has on his back.

The entire action takes place in Metro City, a city of the future, and little Astroboy is only a substitute for the professor’s dead son; and when he doesn’t measure up, he decides to leave his creator’s house and go on a journey… where? Watch and find out!

Release Date:
23 October 2009

Action, Animation, Sci-Fi

Kristen Bell, Nicolas Cage, Bill Nighy, Freddie Highmore (voice of Astro Boy)

David Bowers