Facebook.com - Become a Fan! Twitter.com - Follow Us! HI everyone! As always, thanks for checking in with us here at ClevverTV. I'm Dana Ward and today we've got more good news on the Justin Bieber front. I mean, this news is actually touching and it shows the power of celebrity, the power of the internet and the power of you. What happened is that Justin Bieber retweeted a fan's post about becoming an organ donor with the website attached. In fact, the fan is apparently a 20-year-old girl who is waiting for a lung transplant in Toronto. So JB RTed that one and then replied to her saying she's got amazing strength, adding int #BeAnOrganDonor. THEN the star took it one step further to tweet out to all of his 16.7-million-plus followers, to help spread the word for her, along with a few more posts between the two. In fact, we hear via the Hollywood Reporter that the donor website has received more than 1000 new online registrations since the twitter spree. So again, this is what using your star power is all about. If you want more details about donation in the United States, you can hit up organdonor.gov. I'm Dana Ward and thank you for tuning in. Bye!