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As humans, it is natural for us to become both enthralled with, and inspired by, incredible stories about other people. That’s why true-life movies are so successful. We want to be moved or uplifted by the stories of others.  Read more
MOVIE NEWS  Mar 13, 2019 23:01
Netflix is hands down, the most popular streaming service in the world! Though Netflix has the largest customer base in the United States and hosts the largest catalogue of TV shows/movies in there too, the same is not available to those outside USA.  Read more
MOVIE NEWS  Jan 31, 2019 17:28
Neighbors on the map yet completely different when it comes to content. The jealousy between the two countries is often exaggerated but when it comes to Netflix, it’s all too real. Therefore, more Canadians are pretending to be Americans than ever, but it’s only so they can watch better Netflix.  Read more
MOVIE NEWS  Sep 26, 2018 00:41
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