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It has been another incredible year for HBO, mostly thanks to the roaring success of Game Of Thrones. The network has earned an incredible 137 Emmy Nominations, 32 of which are for GoT. That means it also broke the record for the most nominations for a single show, previously held by NYPD, which received 26 nominations in 1994.   Read more
MOVIE NEWS  Aug 16, 2019 13:13
What is ‘Game of Thrones’? 

Not just another TV series that you can simply watch on HBO over Cable TV during your spare time.   Read more
MOVIE NEWS  May 07, 2019 21:13
Roku comprises of a series of digital media players by Roku Inc. Along with Chromecast and Firestick, the Roku box offers another great alternative for streaming video on TV. It works for both free as well as paid platforms such as Hulu, Netflix or Amazon, which are preloaded in Roku.    Read more
MOVIE NEWS  Apr 13, 2019 18:17
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