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There have been many great Bollywood movies created over the years. You can check out our list of the best films by clicking here.  Read more
MOVIE NEWS  Mar 12, 2020 19:30
Every weekend is the moment when you relax, you detach yourself from the activities during the week and you seek to do things that your time would not normally allow. You can have a city-break, get out with your friends, or you can simply stay at home and enjoy some time for yourself.   Read more
MOVIE NEWS  Feb 27, 2020 01:59
Crime and Mystery has always had us glued to our seats when it comes to TV. Human brain is wired such that, it is attracted to curiosity and mystery. It gets more enticing, when the show strikes the right balance in personal and professional lives of the protagonist. It gets too hard to hate them for all their cruelties when it comes to them having their personal lives just like a common man. Romanticizing the “villain” makes it more worth watching. Ironically, making it hard to decide whose side the show’s at.  Read more
MOVIE NEWS  Oct 30, 2019 12:50
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