So Warner Bros.' latest movie "Gravity" has been heralded as a must-see, and it's not difficult to see why given the film's incredibly immersive experience. But it nearly did not play out the way.

According to director Alfonso Cuarón, it took him nearly four-and-a-half years to bring the film to the big screen. During all that time, he was constantly bombarded with all sorts of suggestions from Hollywood execs about how to "improve" the film.

Below are some of the most ridiculous suggestions that would have definitely ruined the whole thing:

1. Flashbacks

Presumably this would focus on Dr. Ryan Stone's (Sandra Bullock) life on Earth when astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) asks about her family.

2. A Romantic Relationship

Cuarón said the Mission Control Commander would have been in love with Bullock's character.

3. A Missile

Someone actually suggested an enemy missile strike to the director.

4. A Cliché Ticking Clock

"You need to cut to Houston, and see how the rescue mission goes. And there is a ticking clock with the rescue mission," said Cuarón.

5. Rescue Helicopter at the film's end

Though Cuarón didn't say whether these were suggestions from the studio, executives, or pals, you can't blame the studio for wanting to know where the movie stood.

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