More spoilers for breakfast today!

G.I. Joe:

The bad buzz continues. Someone saw an early trailer for this toy movie, and it was "worse than horrible." You see Dennis Quaid talking to his newly formed crack anti-terrorism squad, and then there are terrorist attacks. (Anti-terrorism squads are not like umbrellas.) And then a whole bunch of G.I. Joe guys, all dressed like Snake Eyes, jump out of a plane, and the Eiffel Tower is covered with green goop.

Then we glimpse characters, like Channing Tatum's Duke on a motorcycle and the Baroness (Sienna Miller) sliding down a bannister. And we glimpse the Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow fight, which is "about as bad as a fight from the Double Dragon movie from the early 90’s." More action scenes, then some bad CG as rockets are fired at the Joes dressed like Snake Eyes. They do a fancy mid-air twirl to avoid the rockets, and then everybody dances. (I'm kidding about the dancing part.) [Nuke The Fridge]

Dragonball Evolution:

Sort of a very minor spoiler. Veteran director and voice actor Chris Sabat won't be voicing Shenron in the new movie, despite being listed in IMDB and various other places. [DBtheMovie]

Doctor Who:

BBC News toured the set of the Christmas special and got some very non-illuminating answers about whether David Morrissey is the Eleventh Doctor. But more importantly, check out the filming of a sequence where the Doctors are in a Cyber-factory, and Morrissey's Doctor seeing the inside of Tennant's TARDIS for the first time. [BBC]

Meanwhile, the BBC site posted a snippet from the podcast commentary for the Christmas commentary, featuring Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardner, and they drop a couple hints about the 2009 specials, including a "two-part climax" and something in the Easter special that RTD worries might be going too far. [PlanetGallifrey]

Also, RTD says the companion at Easter will be another young woman, but the companion next Christmas will be an older woman, in her fifties or sixties. [TARDIS Updated]


New set pics and video reveal exactly which heroes are on that transport plane that crashes, in the next episode of the super-powered soap opera. [The ODI]


Some new set pics from episode 5x10, "He's Our You." [SpoilersLost]


I know you've been wondering: Will the Legion of Super Heroes look cheesy? Here's your answer, in gallery form. Plus the villanous Persuader, who looks like he could get into the Bondage-A-Go-Go club without paying full cover, for sure. [Devoted Fans Network]

Stargate Atlantis:

Some guy claims to have seen the final scene of this series. His reaction: "...the hell?" [Livejournal]

Kyle XY:

Some upcoming episode titles: 3x08 "Tell-Tale Heart" (March 2), 3x09 "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?" (March 9), 3x10 "Bringing Down The House" (March 16).

Wonder Woman:

More new pics from the direct-to-DVD movie, including Steve Trevor looking pissed, and an Amazon lineup. [Warner Bros.]

Additional reporting by Katharine Duckett.