What exactly is going on here? A week ago we reported the rather depressing news thatStephen Chow would no longer be directing Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's The Green Hornet. Ultimately it was a bearable decision, especially considering he was reportedly still going to play Kato, Green Hornet's sidekick. Well according to Chow himself in an interview with the Associated Press, that might not happen either. Chow says that it was scheduling that made him pull out on directing the film, and that his involvement as Kato also depends on his schedule. Let's hope it works out or else this project might be ruined!

When Chow was announced as Kato and the director, it seemed like a dream come true for

Rogen and Goldberg, as they'd been saying all along that he was their top choice for Kato. Not only did they get who they wanted, but they got a two-for-one with Chow as the director. If he ends up ditching this project entirely it will definitely leave me a bit worried, as I thought he could pull everything together and potentially turn it into a great film. My message to Sony - make sure you keep Stephen Chow as Kato! Screw the June 25th, 2010 release date, do what you need to make it work - it will pay off in the end!