Could Nicole Kidman's urban jinx have made her change her mind about acting? It looks like Nicole Kidman may give up acting already. It all began with The Stepford Wives in 2004 and continued with The Interpreter, Bewitched, The Invasion, Margot at the Wedding, The Golden Compass, and now Australia. Kidman told the UK's Telegraph that, "I'm not that interested in making films any more." She adds that, "I know I'm not meant to say that, but that's where it is for me now." It seems like her glory days have gone and either needs to hire a new agent and choose better films or just settle down for a while - and she may choose the latter.

Kidman explains her situation: "I'm 41 years old and very happy being in Tennessee with my baby and with my husband (Keith Urban). I obviously have creative blood in me and it needs to come out in some way but I just don't have that burning desire any more. I'm not saying I'm never going to work again, but I'm at peace with whatever happens, which is a nice place to be at this stage of my life."

But she's doing what she does best in my opinion. Musicals. Kidman is already filming Rob Marshall's Nine, a musical, and has a role in Ryan Murphy's Need as well. This isn't confirmation that she is leaving acting entirely, however, it sounds like she's not actively seeking any other projects.

I might venture a guess and say that her acting choices recently have been the problem, not her actual performances. Australia is actually a damn good film, but discussing how the movie didn't do to well is another discussion. But that's not the conclusion of it because its also opening elsewhere worldwide. So the biggest question is, will she be missed?