As “Quantum of Solace” continues its worldwide box office reign, it’s easy to miss the little details that made it so memorable. Thankfully, here’s a list of those handy life lessons.

- Quantum isn’t a multi-vitamin, but an international crime syndicate.

- When in pursuit of foreign operatives, it’s pretty much guaranteed that if you dart in to any random locker room, you’ll find a Tom Ford tuxedo in exactly your size…shoes too!

- The Green movement is a front for evil geniuses who really don’t love the environment (though I’ve suspected that for a while).

- M is kind of a ball buster.

- All CIA agents have a moustache.

- Women who try to kill you, in actuality, want to have sex with you.

- If you sense that someone is hiding behind the drapes in a hotel room, poised to kill you, yeah…you’re probably right.

- Don’t be fooled — even frail, effete crime kingpins are awesome fighters.

- Captured villains are remarkably witty, even when they’re about to be tortured .

- Criminals use those shiny silver briefcases exclusively.

- Apparently, agents in the British Secret Service never need to:
Reload their guns
Exercise (yet are totally ripped)
Pay for anything, anywhere
Use the bathroom
Experience jet lag
Use condoms